Saåad, Raincoats, Digital Album Cover



Release Date : June 30th, 2011

The idea behind Raincoats was born during a stormy evening in January. I was recording Love Is A Rent when electricity started to wave. When I listened to the recording, the rain changed into thunder and the sound was strangely undulating, sometimes cracking and clicking. I had to wait until June to record She Is Electricity which ends this work of waiting and hunting storm events. These four songs have been recorded at different times and possess their own alterations.
– Romain Barbot

music by Romain Barbot / Love Is A Rent, She Is Electricity and Back Pain / Pain back recorded at Concorde 39 (Toulouse) / The Frontier recorded at Madame 48 (Paris) / recorded between January and June 2011 / mixed and mastered during June 2011 / artwork by Romain Barbot