House Of Worship & Brueder Selke, Spiegelpunkte, Digital Album Cover

Houses of Worship & Brueder Selke


Release Date : March 29th, 2024

Spiegelpunkte is the sound of two duos centered around the same notion of free exchange. At the forefront of blending ambient and post-classical genres, the Brueder Selke duo approaches their music through a distinctive sonic lens, rooted in their personal experiences of a split world in the last decade of the Cold War, and their creative handling of the restrictions on daily life in former socialist East Germany. With Spiegelpunkte, the Selke brothers join forces with their like-minded friends Houses Of Worship, featuring Eric Quach (thisquietarmy) and Jim Demos (Hellenica), both hailing from Montreal and known for their experimental solo projects. Amidst the challenges of the pandemic, Quach & Demos found solace in creating together and spreading passion for projects that transcend conventional boundaries and question the gentrification of their environment. It's so easy to draw parallels between the two projects and find the mirror point where a new figure emerges. Two nearly 20-minute tracks, where synthesizers, guitar, cello, piano, and soma pipes engage in sonic reflections of timeless timbres. A quadrilateral entity with a shared vision, with musicians at every corner mirroring each other in a subtle dialogue. A symbiosis so audible that it's hard to believe that it hasn't been recorded live in a room. With Spiegelpunkte, the four artists built their own secret desert, somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic between Potsdam and Montreal.

* Spiegelpunkte : 'mirror point' in German

Jim Demos, synthesizer / Eric Quach, guitar / Sebastian Selke, cello / Daniel Selke, piano, soma pipe / Recorded by Houses of Worship at SYP in Montreal (2023) Recorded by Brueder Selke at Klingenthal Studio in Potsdam (2023) Mixed and mastered by Jim Demos in Montreal (2023-2024) Artwork by Minelly Kamemura Layout by Romain Barbot

House Of Worship & Brueder Selke, Spiegelpunkte, Limited Cassette Edition

Chrome C-40
Digital edition included.
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