Damian Valles, Extrusions, Digital Album Cover

Damian Valles


Release Date : March 17th, 2014

Extrusions is made of eight numbered tracks based on frightening piano samples & field recording experiments combined with various percussive elements & solo-guitar. After years of work, the Canadian multi-instrumentalist knows how to play with your feelings and succeeds, once again, in creating a dense eclectic journey. In our opinion, you must listen to this album in a fully dark room, using only sound as a point of reference. Let your mind get lost in this sea of cryptic vibrations before being swallowed entirely by room-filling drones. Starting in a very dark place where everything seems to be covered of charcoal, Extrusions gets warmer by the second part, acoustic strums & crackling fire-like noises fill track Five while more drone-oriented tracks are to follow. If the music becomes more meditative, the ambiance is still troubled by tense chords and rich dis-harmonies. If you still haven’t turned on the lights, the glimmering piano of the final piece, Eight, comes as a release, extruding your heart of all the fears and tears you can retain, before you awake amidst the final explosion. You don’t need to get-up, you can play it on auto-reverse if you’re not too afraid of the dark.

music played & recorded by Damian Valles / mastered by Adrien Broué / artwork by Romain Barbot

66 copies / Black Chrome C-40
Digital edition included.