TOUCAN | Vision

BLWBCK070 | Release Date : June 22, 2018
C40 – Limited to 50 copies
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Four years after the release of their debut album ‘De Nuit’, Toucan is back with brand new material. A full-length album called ‘Destinations’, to be released in September 2018 on Musicfearsatan. The synth-pop filled with eighties nostalgia is more than ever the guiding thread on this record. During the recording process, the band was asked to write an ambiant track to score a Blade Runner-like video. Writing this track was the first step of a long-time dream to compose a sci-fi movie score. This led the band to write a 5 tracks EP as their vision of dark sci-fi movie ambience. This EP is called ‘Vision’ and will be released in June 2018 on tape and digital.

A1.Red shift

Record and mix by Luc Ferré at O’O Studio
Mastering by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio
Artwork by Alexandre Berenguer