BLWBCK067 | Release Date : Nov 14, 2016
C50 – Limited to 50 copies
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It’s always complicate to write a promotional text, especially for artists like Appalache who’s celebrating his ninth releases and fifth album with « Sea Gate ». Half of the reviewers will copy or take most of their inspiration from this little paragraph, so it’s very important to be accurate and to tell you that this new album is the best thing Julien Magot has recorded, full of hits and ear-worm songs. The ten singles that compose « Sea Gate » sounds like the natural following of his other 2016 full-length (Tiny Love Billionaire) except that this time he plays all the instruments. Maybe it’s his recent tour in US that gave him this confiance, but « Sea Gate » is an insolent success and shameless ode to pop rock. If there’s Paris in Texas, there’s now Austin in Ile-de-France.

1. Earth Barely Waits
2. Wondering
3. Go For It
4. Hot
5. Space Remains
6. Mr. Francis
7. Rainbow Trout
8. Inner Flower
9. Wish Walk Win
10. Knocked Out

Appalache is Julien Magot (Drums, Guitars, Bass, Synth, Vocals)
Recorded at Kervigorn, Saint-Pabu by Julien Magot
Mixed by Grégory Hoepffner
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, Portland (OR)
Artwork by Romain Barbot (Iamsailor)
Photography by Marie Magot
Produced by Grégory Hoepffner & Julien Magot
All songs performed and composed by Julien Magot
Chorus by Marie Magot on Wish, Walk, Win