BLWBCK065 | Release Date : April 20,2016
C40 – Limited to 50 copies
coming with download link

It’s hard to believe that Vermine is another one-man « black » metal band when do you listen to his sophomore debut album (maybe not if you already know Olivier Lolmède). Like Scars From A Dead Room, Vermine plays a powerful metal driven by obscure forces but free from petrified dogmas. There’s all the elements of a good black metal record, torrent of haunted melodies, swarm of blast beats, jagged vocals, even the groovy and head-banging parts has been composed with a real determination to create a bad atmosphere. Abandon, sorrow, betrayal, Vermine pours all his pain during 26 forceful minutes. Obviously it is not recommended if your a real empathic human being.

1. Introduction
2. Peur Du Vide
3. Rivage
4. Pouces Coupés
5. Détachement