TRÉSORS | Adrien

BLWBCK063 | Release Date : July 10,2015
C50 – Limited to 50 copies
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In just a few years, french (& parisian based) duo Trésors have developed a unique sonic trademark, free of preconceived standards. Regardless of any space & time, the band has been able to intertwine 70′s & 80′s influences, facing its rôle as an outsider without taking into account surrounding trends. After having released “Missionnaires”, recorded in Baltimore and produced by Chester Gwazda (Future Islands, Dan Deacon), Trésors embarked on a long tour that ended at famous french festival La Route du Rock. A few months later, the duo played an exclusive performance at Le Palais de Tokyo to accompany the release of their short film “Pleine Lune” which was co-written with Samuel Kaperski. Instead of rushing in the studio, the band decided to take their time, start fresh and explore new creative paths. Written throughout the years 2013 and 2014, the tracks from this new repertoire took shape close to the ocean, from an empty house in Normandy to an artist studio near the Mediterreanean sea. Without having composed beforehand, Trésors pressed the “record button” and let their imagination run free to better improvise, assembling their sound collages using a purposely limited amount of instruments (guitars, synthesizers, horns and percussions) and then sampling them. Recorded, mixed and produced by the band itself, this sophomore album explores new musical paths & more organic sounds, evoking artists such as Lee Perry, Arthur Russell, Durutti Column or Frank Ocean. It conveys sometimes nostalgic feelings, at other times more aquatic impressions, creating a mixture between post punk & a more loosened ambient. It’s the album of a band that has written a new chapter of its creative life, brushing further away from its contemporaries to meet its most personal manifesto: “ADRIEN”

1. Once a Believer (feat. Holy Strays)
2. Time
3. Make Love Like It’s 1969
4. Kill the Lamb
5. Victoria
6. Cut My Hands
7. Malmousque
8. White Beast
9. Dirty Knights And Gang Bangs
10. Once a Believer (feat. Holy Strays) – Saåad Remix*

Recorded by Trésors between August 2013 and February 2015
in Saint-Pair-sur-Mer, Marseille and Paris.
Mixed by Trésors in February 2015 in Paris.
Mastered by Anders (A.P. Mastering) in March 2015 in Stockholm.
* Tape bonus track