TRIOSKYZOPHONY 1.0 | Improvisations 1 & 2

BLWBCK059 | Release Date: March 2nd, 2015
Cassette C40 – Limited to 66 copies
coming with digital download link

The rules are simple: three looping stations and three vocalists in a totally improvised environment. The project Trioskyzophony was born in april of 2014 during the Cultures Urbaines Festival of St-Laurent du Maroni (Guyane, France). These two tracks are excerpts from the trio’s early recordings, captured live in Bobigny by the first collective line-up, comprising D’ de Kabal (Kabal, Spoke Orchestra), Ali M’Baye alias Blade Mc (Diaspora Rockers) and Raphaël Otchakowski (ex-Plebeian Grandstand, Matisse …). Still enchanted by their experience at the frontier of the amazonian jungle, the trio deliver a strong performance, where urban beat-making, ethnic roaming and incantations are looped until they slowly transform your room in a dense and mystical jungle. Shamanic and hypnotizing.

1. Improvisation 1 – 17:50
2. Improvisation 2 – 14:46

music improvised
by D’ de Kabal, Blade MC, & Raphaël Otchakowski
mixed & recorded by Raphaël Otchakowski at Boboche Studio,
Bobigny, 93000 France on June 27th, 2014
mastered by Adrien Broué, Dec. 2014
artwork by Romain Barbot