DOCETISM | Askesis

BLWBCK047 | Release Date : 3rd February, 2014
Tape {66 c.} C50 / Digital
(tape orders include digital album)

Docetism is a prolific artist from Poland, and if it’s not easy to follow his flow of releases (9 only for last year), the summer 2012′s “Askesis” (originally released on digital on his own label Nichts) has never left our playlist. On this album, his lyrical dark ambient made of heretic & rich string progressions, confronts minimal beats and nocturnal dub techno that makes perdition easier. But if grooves warm the music, “Askesis” is also frightening, full of loneliness and nihilism, soothing pads are always followed by tense chords, kissing your front while whipping your back.

We must banish the dark impression of that nothingness which we discern behind all virtue and holiness as their final goal, and which we fear as children fear the dark; we must not even evade it like the Indians, through myths and meaningless words, such as reabsorption in Brahma, or the Nirvana of the Buddhists. Rather, do we freely acknowledge that what remains after the abolition of will is for all those who are still full of will certainly nothing; but conversely, to those in whom the will has turned and denied itself, this our world, which is so real, with all its suns and milky ways – is nothing.
- A. Schopenhauer

A1. Into The Woods – 3:41
A2. Monk – 4:48
A3. Through The Pines – 3:59
A4. Meditatio Mortis – 3:00
A5. Die Weltflucht – 5:20
B1. Seraphim – 5:42
B2. Hermitage – 5:04
B3. He Fed On Locusts And Wild Honey – 4:14
B4. Celestial – 3:53
B5. Great Glory Of Nothing (Death Of The Hermit) – 6:23

originally released on July 10th 2012 (digital)
Music by MB.
Cover Francisco Collantes (1599 – 1656) – St. Onuphrius (detail)
Layout by Romain Barbot