SAÅAD | Στερεά Σύννεφα

BLWBCK032 – Release Date : March 15th, 2013
Tape {66 c.} C40 + digital

Saåad is back on BLWBCK with a new cassette, featuring an improvisation recorded at the end of the Orbs & Channels sessions and 4 reinterpretations by Listening Mirror, Pleq, Almeeva & Noir Cœur. Like their recent full-length, Barbot & Buffier use the chiaroscuro technique to add depth into their opaque drone. Στερεά Σύννεφα* can be pictured as a dense & boiling fog encircling an arid mountain, a wall of permanent gray, faintly pierced by a spectral piano and ghostly voices. Led by this play with contrasts, the following remixes extend this 6 minutes single to a 33 minutes journey around the globe. A night in Mexico with the healing ambient of Listening Mirror, a party in the Pacific with Noir Cœur, dangerous driving & illegal behaviours with Almeeva to end with an experimental chemistry workshop with Pleq. All inclusive.

* Solid Clouds in greek

‘Στερεά Σύννεφα’ single is also featured on the Have Faith In Sound’s compilation Charming Sepulcher : Part One. STREAM/ FREE DOWNLOAD

01. Στερεά Σύννεφα – 5:52
02. Nubes Solidas (Listening Mirror remix) – 8:48
03. Solid Clouds (Pleq remix) – 6:18
04. ठोस बादल (Noir Cœur remix) – 4:57
05. Feste Wolken (Almeeva remix) – 6:59

music by Romain Barbot & Greg Buffier, Toulouse – Nov, 2013
mastered by Byron Christodoulou, Athens (Greece) – Dec, 2012 & Feb, 2013
cover photography by Eddy Duluc

remixes by Listening Mirror
Noir Cœur


I love electronic music in all its forms, and Bandcamp is a Godsend to the independent artists that I’ve heard. I’ve heard a lot. I learned about Saåad through not only this blog, but from the curator’s public recommendations on his personal weblog, and I am incredibly impressed. While their early stuff sounded like a much more dense Æthenor, their more current music follows an even more dense sound with crushing soundscapes and reverb at the forefront. I love the sentimental, soft tone that the art of this and a lot of other ambient bands like Albino Deers create, and Saåad seem to take the cake with things like Raincoats and Confluences which sample found sounds like (of course) rain. Confluences and this single, Greek for Solid Clouds (which I will from now on refer to this cut as) are actually my favorite releases from this outfit. Solid Clouds starts off quietly, a rare occurrence for Saåad, usually starting off immediately with their signature wall of sound.. sound. The rest of the track is pretty by-the-numbers for them, but the subtle parts are what everyone who loves drone is looking for, and they’re there if you aren’t sated by the introduction. The three remixes are “Solid Clouds” in different languages, which is cute, and each is unique; they all seem to take something away from the original song and make it completely different. While it’s all drone, there’s no subtly in the differences between the remixes, and each one manages to be more flamboyant than the last. The final remix, the German one, pulses with a trance-like sensibility that feels wildly inappropriate for something released under Saåad, but works in the very least as a testament to how far you can stretch a song and keep its underlying tone. You can buy or stream everything Saåad has created for whatever you feel they’re worth at Bandcamp, and read what our beloved curator has to say about Saåad here. – Chasm Of Oceanus

Saåad’s improvised finale Στερεά Σύννεφα receives several dramatically different reinterpretations. While their group is heavily obsessed with texture and mood, the approaches taken by the four remixes are something quite different. Evenly divided between those who choose to simply expand upon the initial offering through additional drone textures and those willing to use rhythm, the two camps create an end product dramatically different from the original. Στερεά Σύννεφα, Saåad’s original, plays first. The sound is not dissimilar from their usual approach. All the dramatic aspects are fully there. What is different is the song is considerably shorter than their usual length. Short length doesn’t stop the various remixes from extending that period of time. Listening Mirror stretches it out into an almost nine minute muffled remix that adds a greater sense of threat to the track. Pleq uses a more glitch-induced format letting the track become even further away from the original. For the final two remixes the approach becomes considerably more dance orientated. Noir Cœur starts with a relatively slow tempo dance remix. Here the original track is laid underneath the beats giving it a stronger sense of mood. By far though Almeeva has the most fun with the reinterpretation, remix, whatever it can be called. The track becomes a rather fast moving beast at seven minutes. Additionally the track gets surprisingly loud, contrasting sharply in relation to the rest of the remixes. Elements of the original track are reinterpreted into vamps. Overall it is the most enjoyable remix in an already enjoyable set. – Beach Slot (7.1/10)

This EP, originally on tape, contains one original drone by Tolouse duo Saåad, and four remixes of the piece. The original track is typical for the duo, a thick wall of sound that is somehow warm and chilling at the same time. They resist drawing it out for too long, and most of the room on this tape is reserved for the interpretations of the other artists.
Listening Mirror take the minimalist route, leading in with two minutes of near-silence, forming a clean break between the original track and the remixes. Once the volume picks up, “Nubides Solidas” echoes the constant drone of the source track, but with a slightly more open, airy, and perhaps ominous texture. Plec’s remix “Solid Clouds” adds in a little grit, but maintains the gentle flow set out by the first two tracks. Noir Cœur, then, kicks things into overdrive with a steady beat, percussion, flutes; a compelling rhythmic energy, in short. Their “ठोस बादल” is a fine piece of work, a remix in the more radical sense of truly owning a track. The same goes for “Feste Wolken” by Almeeva, who add in their own synth/rock sensibility, again making the track a lot heavier. A solid closing track for an EP about solid clouds. – Evening of Light