BLWBCK028 – Release date : January 21th, 2013
Tape {55 c.} C60 + digital

Thomas Bel’s MISERY is back on BLWBCK with a brand new release. After Misericordes, MISERY redefines his approach of misanthropic music with “Lore”. More experimental, more lo-fi, more technical, “Lore” is shaped of two 19 minutes tracks and two shorter ones, as a dusty reflection in a broken mirror. Haunted landscapes meets rains of blastbeats through this 50 minutes piece, designing a dark path to self introspection and disillusionment. With “Lore”, MISERY continues the way he dug in the tunnel of sorrow, walking on the cold ashes of broken hopes and better days.

01.Lone 5:56
02.Lone II 18:36
03.Sore I 6:44
04.Sore II 19:17

Written, composed, performed, recorded & mixed by Misery during summer 2012
Mastered by Adrien Broué in December 2012 – Artwork/Photography by Romain Barbot
Misery consists of Fille de Misère (Instruments, Voices & Dirges)

I can’t get enough of this hellish blacknoise, he’s only put out a handful of releases since his first demo in 2009, but this guy sounds like he’s been trapped in the miserable black void of horror for all eternity, the incomprehensible & tortured vocals are blurred and blown out in the onslaught of sheer blackened shredding, everything a total fucking mess of sound, so goddamn dense it created its own gravity which is the only thing holding it together, slow & stuck in an endless spiral of depression, this is the bleakest black metal you can think of. – Antigravity Bunny