BLWBCK015 – Release date : Mar 29th, 2012
Tape {44 c.} black C40 + insert (including digital edition + bonus tracks)

Painting By Numbers was one of many project proposed by Antoine Ollivier (Dawnshape, Kid North), Gregory Hoepffner (Kid North,Dawnhape, Radius System, Time To Burn) & Axel Dallou (Kid North, Radius System) and this ’2008-2009′ is the raw testimony.

This band was born of a desire to be free of habits, go for without asking and choosing a language they did not speak: improvisation.
Despite the lack of map and compass, the trio managed to subdue the excitement of Adventure by reaching a balance between sonic experiments and the pure groove pleasure.

Recorded live between 2008-2009, the music of Painting By Numbers didn’t aged and we are very happy give them a second life. When we submitted our reissue project, they proposed to increase it by 3 unreleased songs : ‘Prom Queen’, ‘Banana Ray’ & ‘Trench Wake’ and just for that, we feel proud.

BANARA RAY (*bonus track) music video

01.Conceal Confine Tentative
02.Matthew Barney’s Imperious Needs
04.BGM 03
05.Secret Foam Island
06.85′ Parallel Evidence
07.Banana Ray (*)
08.Trench Wake (*)
09.Prom Queen (*)

(*) previously unreleased

Antoine Ollivier : Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals & Samples
Axel Dallou : Bass, Vocals & Saxophone on “Matthew Barney”
Gregory Hoepffner : Drums, Vocals & Production

Improvisations recorded Live & Mixed by Gregory Hoepffner @ Feels Like Home between 2008 & 2009
Mastered by Gregory Hoepffner in 2009, except (*) dec. 2011
Art Direction by Romain Barbot