NOIR CŒUR | Jahnimal

BLWBCK014 – Release date : Mar 01st, 2012
Tape {55 c.} – white C30 coming in a blue aqua box + insert
Special edition with clear cassette #1>#14

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This is in a simple confined room, led by two fusional spirits that Noir Cœur developped an exotical projection wrapped universe, in loved with a latent pop which can make you think to Animal Collective or Fever Ray pop electronic vibes. Between ambient music and stirring chorus, Noir Cœur elaborates the harmony of tensions with some aerial compositions, weaved by many keyboards, percussions and their two mesmerizing voices.
This atmosphere can easily be perceived by listening to Total Nirvana, first single of this duo which will dare to break all the rules. Passionate and meticulous to the last detail, Philippe and Adrien built Jahnimal as a five-faced jewel, sparkling like the sun.

01. Jahnimal
02. Wet Souls
03. Hizzouse
04. Total Nirvana
05. Avalanche

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Adrien Broué & Philippe Mousseigne
Additional guitar on ‘Avalanche’ by Simon Chaubard
Additional vocals on Wet Souls by Jenny Chienne
Art Directionby Romain Barbot
Cover Photography by Patty Moussali

Noir Cœur – Jahnimal EP (teaser) from ANTIHERØES COLLECTIVE on Vimeo.