APPALACHE | Drift in G Major

BLWBCK003 – Release date : May 27th, 2011
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by Julien Magot

You need to start somewhere. -Drift in G Major- came after an experimentation about the note G and all the representations that went with. I recorded my first album with the Monument Valley in my mind. This is a short film about all the dreams I made, full of indians, mexicans, and white men. It’s divided in six parts, each one represent a different dream i made. I transcribed my obsessions into music.
“Part I : Enter the nation” is a dream about how you can be accepted by the community itself. You discover the Indian world.
“Part II : 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 dance” is about celebration that were made during days and nights while they were dancing and singing.
“Part III : Headbang Sound “. This parts tells more about rituals. How they chased buffalo on horseback.
“Part IV : Trip Around” is taking decisions while smoking peace pipe. Big meetings between big indians chiefs.
“Part V : Final War” as far as I’ve read indians testimony, I’ve understood that war was a huge part of their everyday life, and that a final war was not really a final war. They could wait one year before fighting against someone else.
“Part VI : The end”. Or sunset.

Cover Photo by Harris, 1938-1939
Cover Artwork by thelifeasjulienmagot
lyrics & music by Julien Magot
Special thanks to Gregory Hoepffner