SAÅAD | It Was

BLWBCK001 – Release date : Mar 1st, 2010
Digital | Download

It Was is the debut album of Saåad, the solo project of Romain Barbot (I Pilot Dæmon, Montreal On Fire). Recorded with a laptop webcam microphone during december 2009 and mixed between Christmas and New Year Eve by Romain Barbot. 7 tracks of cursed keyboards and epic ukulele, certainly drug-friendly. The perfect soundtrack for a sad winter morning or for your next road trip across Netherlands.

01. Predivan Si
02. Evermoore
03. Try Everyday To Destroy The World
04. Sister
05. the Garden
06. It’s Gone
07. Heather

music by Romain Barbot, mastered by Luc Ferré


It Was by Saåad is a very dense album. It’s not that the drones found hear are heavy, they’re actually quite lovely drones with wonderful hints of melody, it’s just that the drones have so much going on within them that it’s hard to keep track of it all. Not to mention that the mix is massive. It just sounds like it’s engulfing your head. A great listen that you should listen to on good headphones. - VALISKA

The Frenchman Romain Barbot`s sound is placed on hold somewhere inbetween ambient, dark wave, noisy ambient and sound-art-like aspirations (those sublimely undulating hiss doses around the main intentions of the record). Here are set up 7 tracks which are loftily stuttering ones with epic orchestration-afforded reverberations. Throughout the course it seems to be minimal, murky, and slightly threatening. - AGIER